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image of Full as an Egg
Full as an Egg
by Simon Parker

ISBN: 978 185022201 9
180x110mm - 144 pages

25 short stories by Western Morning News jounalist Simon Parker.  Simon's work has been published in a number of collections and been broadcast on BBC Radio 4.  He is also a performer and founder member of Scavel An Gow.  He has written a biography of the Victorian novelist Charles Lee.

image of The Road to Leenane
The Road to Leenane
by Angela du Maurier

ISBN: 978 185022 180 7
198x128mm - 272 pages

REDUCED!  Set amid the beautiful mountains and lakes of Ireland's Connemara, here is the story of Micky Renvyle, a talented painter and of the three women who loved him: Paddy his childhood sweetheart and later his wife, whose meteoric success as an actress takes her to London, away from husband, child and Church; Lady Constance, a wealthy older women whose interest in Micky's work develops into something far more personal; and young sensitive Joan tormented by her ever deepening love for a married man yet with an utter devotion to her Catholic faith.

Joan once remarks to Micky that no one could walk the road to Leenane without believing in God. How these four people work out their destinies, makes a moving story of faith and human frailty.

Polly Devlin describes The Road to Leenane as a period piece depicting an Ireland that once existed a vanished world of high morals and romance and virtue. The author in her autobiography It's Only the Sister referred to it as her favourite book born after many barren years of creativity, and like the babe of a middle-aged mother I loved it dearly.

image of Treveryan
by Angela du Maurier

ISBN: 978 185022 179 1
198x128mm - 288 pages

REDUCED!   Set in Cornwall, this is a spell-binding story of the way in which the secrets of the past affect the present. Sally Beauman writes "A strange and fascinating novel. At Treveryan, we enter a house and a landscape familiar to any reader who has dreamed of Manderley. But Angela du Maurier, sister to the more famous Daphne, explores this territory with candour and sensitivity all her own.  This is a story of strong women and weak men, of an abiding love that breaks taboos, and dare not be declared. It is a novel in which the family is spellbound by the secrets of its past. From its innocent beginning to its violent and shocking close, Angela du Maurier's narrative grip is sure: just as her sister did, she takes the Gothic, and newmints it. Be warned: once you begin Treveryan, you will not put it down."