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image of Swings and Roundabouts
Swings and Roundabouts
by Debby Fowler

ISBN: 978 185022 241 5
178x110mm - 300 pages

Chief Inspector Keith Penrose is a good man in a crisis - except when the crisis is a personal one. And crises are plenty - both personal and professional. His world has been turned upside down and the only person likely to be able to help him is Felicity Paradise. Or can she? So much is at stake for them both - can they find their way through the problems which threaten to engulf them? Can Keith solve the crime which has haunted him all his working life..and is Felicity really being stalked, and if so, by whom?



image of Just Before Dawn
Just Before Dawn
by Debby Fowler

ISBN: 978 185022 247 7
178x110 - 358 pages

Ex-Chief Inspector Keith Penrose is now retired and not entirely sure he is enjoying his new-found freedom.  Felicity Paradise meanwhile is pursuing her illustration work and delighted to land a well-paid contract.  At the same time she has demons of her own to confront when she is forced to face the truth about her mother's past.  Keith is called in by his old boss George Staple to investigate a cold case; a possible murder six years before.  Felicity is delighted for him, but the new case means they are not only separated by distance but by a growing lack of emotional understanding.  Tensions run high.

As always Debby Fowler skilfully balances the personal life of her characters with a well thought-through crime story.

The eighth title in the Felicity Paradise crime series 'Just Before Dawn' is set in Cornwall.



image of True Colours
True Colours
by Michael Sagar-Fenton

ISBN: 978 185022 215 6
197x128mm - 184 pages

REDUCED!   For artist Simon life is looking good. His career is finally taking off. The hangover from a long-standing relationship has faded and he has begun an exciting new affair. Then one night he falls into some old tin mine workings. What he finds there starts a chain of events with unpredictable and devastating consequences.

True Colours is the story of a linked group of people trying to make sense of their lives, and a slice through contemporary Cornwall – the Cornwall visitors see and the Cornwall they never see.

Michael Sagar-Fenton is a native of West Cornwall and a bard of the Cornish Gorsedd. He is a regular columnist in several newspapers and has written a number of non-fiction books, including Penlee – The Loss of a Lifeboat, also published by Truran. This is his first novel.

Simon Parker reviewing True Colours for the ‘Western Morning News’ describes the book as ‘authentic Cornish fiction’; a ’book that deserves to be talked about’ where ‘the author grapples with a number of serious issues ... and deals with each one sensitively and authentically’.