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image of Seeing is Believing
Seeing is Believing
by John Miller

ISBN: 978 185022 154 8
268x220mm -

This book is a celebration of the life and work of John Miller. Profusely illustrated with over eighty paintings ranging from the early sixties to the 'Beach paintings' and beyond. The book charts John's progress as a painter. He writes revealingly of his spiritual search through his work. In addition to the reflections on the various stages of his artistic development, John writes candidly on dealers and artists and their relationship; and of the everyday tools of his trade - paint and canvas and the whole business of putting the two together.

John's many admirers will be delighted with this intimate portrait of an artist burning with enthusiasm and dedication and his delight in being alive and sharing his vision.

The book was created from taped conversations between John and his editor Heather Corbett during the summer and autumn of 2000.These were then edited before a final text was agreed. In addition to John Miller the artist we meet John Miller the architect, actor, ace messenger boy, restaurateur, and B & B proprietor. Amongst the illustrations are some previously unpublished family 'snaps'. The main part of the book is of course John's work which is profusely illustrated showing all the various periods from early landscapes through to the beach paintings and beyond to the most recent 'landscapes of the soul'.