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image of Fowey - Source to Sea
Fowey - Source to Sea
by Sue Lewington

ISBN: 978 185022 242 2
154x110 - 96 pages

Full colour sketches

Sue writes:

I remember most the two extremes of the Fowey river: the tiny stream following the snaking valleys through the bare hills of Bodmin Moor and the flat expanse reflecting the sky between Fowey and Polruan.

image of Fal - source to sea
Fal - source to sea
by Sue Lewington

ISBN: 978 185022 241 8
154 x 110mm - 96 pages

New - published mid-July 2012.

Sue writes:
When I decided to follow the Fal from its source to the sea I had no idea how secretive the river is. I soon learned to love its little glimpses of sparkling water, tiny lanes, bridges and muddy paths through tree-lined banks and marshy valleys until the sliver of light in the distance became the huge expanse of the estuary. Finally, I felt the river had become secret again, disappearing in curving waves to the horizon.

image of Portrait of West Penwith
Portrait of West Penwith
by Sue Lewington

ISBN: 978 185022 219 4
210x147mm - 72 pages

Having moved back to west Penwith I’ve been taking time out to rediscover a once familiar landscape. This book is a record of a summer spent walking the lanes and hills around my new home. I took a camera, sketchbook and notebook to try to catch my immediate reactions to a place I used to know so well... and think I now know and love even more.

Using a variety of techniques – photography, pencil, pen and watercolour, and ink drawings Sue has captured this eternal landscape. For many this is Cornwall; a land of standing stones and ancient sites; where man has only scratched the surface; where the elements hold sway and the sky and the sea are one, where the past is ever present.

For those who know this enchanted place and those who have the pleasure to come, here is a book of memories that capture that magic – that elusive dream of being ‘part of the land’.

72 full colour illustrations