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image of Jack Pender - a tribute
Jack Pender - a tribute
by Frank Ruhrmund

ISBN: 978 185022 220 0
210 x 200mm - 48 pages

REDUCED!  To coincide with the first ever major retrospective exhibition of one of West Cornwall’s native talents Jack Pender Truran Books are delighted to announce publication of a book to accompany the exhibition. 

It is written by Frank Ruhrmund a lifelong friend of the artist and a much respected art critic with an introduction by Alison Bevan, Director of Penlee House Gallery and Museum, Penzance.

40 full colour illustrations.

image of Edwin Harris 1855-1906
Edwin Harris 1855-1906
by Roger Langley

ISBN: 978 185022 221 7
210 X 200mm - 48 pages

REDUCED!  40 full colour illustrations

Edwin Harris’s central placing in the group photographs of 1884 confirms his key role in the early development of the Newlyn School. His most prominent works are sizeable genre paintings, some infused with the sense of hardship and loss which was so often at the heart of his friend Langley’s work, and others much more light-hearted, even comical. While these works are very successful and excellent examples of their type, what singles Harris out among his fellow Newlyners is his exceptional skill in portraiture. The shimmering, virtuoso square-brush painting employed to produce these poignant portraits of characterful models result in works of jewel-like quality; despite their tiny size and the anonymity of the models, they have a powerful magnetism and reward many hours of gazing.

Roger Langley’s meticulous research gives a fascinating glimpse into the life of this artist – one of the Newlyn School’s most important painters. Introduction by Alison Bevan, Director Penlee House Gallery and Museum, Penzance.

image of The Cornish Wonder - a Portrait of John Opie
The Cornish Wonder - a Portrait of John Opie
by Viv Hendra

ISBN: 978 185022 216 3
210x147mm - 220 pages

To buy email: landergallery@btconnect.com.

JOHN OPIE: THE CORNISH WONDER, the greatest of all the Cornish artists is an almost legendary figure. He is the classic eighteenth century carpenter’s boy whose life was transformed by genius; the Cornish peasant lad who went to seek his fortune in London and became so famous that he was buried with honour in St Paul’s Cathedral among the nation’s greatest and best. He was an important artist in that golden age of Reynolds, Gainsborough and Lawrence. Fashionable people crowded to the studio home of the young man they called ‘The Cornish Wonder’ and he was the talk of London. He reached the highest levels of the art establishment when he became the Professor of Painting at the Royal Academy and he influenced a generation at precisely the moment when England could justly claim to have an internationally important School of Painting for the first time in its history.

His legacy of hundreds and hundreds of paintings can be found in national museums and art galleries from the Louvre to the Hermitage, Philadelphia to Budapest; his great historical paintings created memorable and lasting images of crucial moments in history; his portraits capture an incomparable range of the faces of a generation, his prints were sold in thousands and taken across the world. He is in the Tate Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery and the Royal Collection, in reference books, encyclopaedias, lists of important portraits, lists of great artists, lists of great Cornishmen, even lists of quotations - yet most people have never heard of him.

This masterly biography, the first for nearly a hundred years tells the story of Opie, his disasters and his triumphs in a very personal way and does much to bring Opie’s significance to a contemporary audience.

16 colour illustrations