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Local history

image of Boscastle
by David Rowe

ISBN: 978 185022 193 7
235x170mm - 64 pages

This August will see the tenth anniversary of that extraordinary day when a flash flood almost destroyed a whole village. Miraculously no one died, but this book shows how it could so easily have ended in tragedy.

The success of the book is due to the author gaining the confidence of the people who lived through this nightmare. This is their story of that remarkable afternoon..

Fully illustrated with numerous photographs, many of which were not published anywhere else - taken by the people who were there when it happened.

Sales to date are over 100,000 copies.

image of Pasties and Cream
Pasties and Cream
by Hettie Merrick

ISBN: 978 185022 197 5
210x147mm - 72 pages

Pasties and Cream is a wonderful collection of reminiscences and recipes from Cornwall. Hettie Merrick was brought up in Porthleven during the 1930s and 1940s. For many years she ran a pasty shop in her native village; a tradition carried on by her daughter Ann down at the Lizard.

A delightful read which is sure to evoke happy memories for those who lived through those days and for those who didn't as a reminder of what we have lost.

20 black and white illustrations.

image of For Valour - West Country VCs
For Valour - West Country VCs
by E V Thompson

ISBN: 978 185022 185 2
235x175mm - 88 pages

REDUCED!   This book tells the stories of West Country VCs won in the Indian Mutiny, the Boer War and the First and Second World Wars. Some of the stories are familiar, while others are less well known.