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image of Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays
by Alix Wood

ISBN: 978 185022 210 1
147x210mm - 48 pages

This book is packed full of ideas to keep your family occupied in the holidays. Tried and tested ideas for walks, on the beach, in the garden, on a rainy day or on a long car journey.

image of Storm of the Magi - a Cornish fantasy
Storm of the Magi - a Cornish fantasy
by Chris Vick

ISBN: 978 185022 208 8
197x128mm - 256 pages

Novel brings Cornwall’s myths and legends to life for a new generation

REDUCED!  Truran Books publishes a new novel, 'Storm of the Magi' a Cornish fantasy by author Chris Vick.

The novel weaves together some of Cornwall’s most enduring myths and traditions and brings them together in a gripping Fantasy adventure for older children and adults. The lost land of Lyonesse, mermaids, smuggler’s treasure, pirate ghosts, the island of Ictis, pagan festivals…classic Cornish legends and tales from history are brought to vivid life in the story.

Author Chris Vick says: ‘Like many people I have long been fascinated by Cornwall’s rich heritage of myth and legend. It is such a vital part of Cornwall’s culture. I believe these myths can best be kept alive through the tradition of writing and story telling. Some of the best Fantasy writing, including Tolkien’s, uses existent myth and legend as source; stories that run deep in our history and collective psyche.

I found the tales of Cornish folklore riveting, scary, romantic. That’s a pretty rich seam for a writer to mine. The book will appeal to anyone with an interest in Cornish folklore. But now Fantasy is so big - due to the popularity of Philip Pullman’s books and the Harry Potter series to name but two - I also hope it will bring Cornish myth and history to a whole new generation.'

The story takes place in the early part of the twentieth century. It is set in West Penwith and on the lost land of Lyonesse. When Bill and Elsa are sent to stay with their eccentric uncles, they look forward to a quiet holiday, exploring beaches and secret coves. Instead, they find a haunted land, where nature is in the throws of chaos and dark, magical forces are being unleashed.

Bill must learn the ‘way of the magi’ to restore order to a world in turmoil…but before he can begin, the storm comes…